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Company News

Enhance impact crusher 250 ton for Industrial Development

2015-04-11 / admin

The principal machine quality of the same specification mineral impact crusher is very similar, what makes the difference is the mass of the machine shell and rotor. The mass of marble mobile impact crusher shell in domestic is large, while the impact frame mass of impact rotor is small. However, it is quite contrary as far as overseas coal mobile cone crusher is concerned. Besides, the design of impact cavity, the adjustment of impact plate according to different granularity needs, and the replacement of impact blow bars, etc. are also the obvious difference between domestic and overseas iron ore mobile jaw crusher.
granite jaw crusher is used for secondary and tertiary crushing. Impact blow bar, as its main wear-resistant part, is made by high-chromium iron. Domestic high-chromium iron is mainly applied to small size parts, and its quality control specification to large pats is incomplete, all of which lead to poor quality of impact blow bar and other wear-resistant parts. The service life of wear-resistant parts in domestic is shorter than that of overseas.
We can simply draw a conclusion that the crusher manufacturers should enhance and improve impact crusher in the two aspects we have mentioned above in order to catch up with international level and have better development in the crushing and grinding industry. The PF-235v cone crusher manufactured by Shanghai JOYAL Machinery Co., Ltd is also a kind of professional crusher for crushing large-scale stones, with an output of 1000-1500t/h. Its productivity ranks number 1 in China, and the second in the world, signifying China's crushing equipment has surpassed international level.
It is reported that China JOYAL is a high-tech enterprise that specialize in Research & Development of crushers and wear-resisting materials. Our advantageous products are jaw crusher, efficient finely machine, the desulfurization limestone special crusher, hammerhead of crushers, hammer crusher, etc.
In production process, JOYAL works consistently to achieve harmonious development of natural resources. We continuously make use of all sorts of advanced technology to bring innovation to manufacturing mode and technology, and design different production line according to customers' different requirements.

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