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ore crusher plant Should Establish International Market Image

2015-04-20 / admin

The scientific and technological base of mining machinery industry is not thick, since the reform and opening up, mining machinery industry has always taken the market as the main way to improve the product technical level, even it has to confront the serious situation of foreign competitors investing and setting up factories in the domestic cities.
The pace of development in mining machinery industry will slow down; therefore, it's not early to take home and abroad market demand in the industrial age into consideration at present. Improving advantaged application laboratory and researching the product, manufacturing technology and process technology are always the weak points of mining machinery industry. Without data and database, you can't persuade customers to adopt our products and progress technology, not to mention the true innovation of the application technology. The improving and establishing of the laboratory should give due consideration to the high start and based on the practicality. It's necessary to introduce foreign advanced technology in experiment theory, test methods, test equipment, experiment scale and the control and detection technology.
The increase of the current market demand leads to the hot market in mining machinery industry, especially the ore dry magnetic separation machine is in short supply. However, due to the lack of a strong manufacturing base in China's entire manufacturing industry and looking at the current development situation of ore beneficiation manufacturing industry, it's easy to find that there are still problems existing, of which the product quality should be further improved, the added value of the product is low, and the research effort of domestic manufacturing on the new ore beneficiation equipment is not enough, which prolongs the R&D cycle of the innovative products and even influences the development and growth of domestic ore beneficiation manufacturing industry. The 'Twelfth-Five Year Plan' clearly indicates the future development direction of mining machinery industry. Taking green development, saving resources, transformation and upgrading and improving industrial core competitiveness have become the important guidance for enterprises to break through. Mining machinery industry should strengthen quality and service management system and the independent research of the key technology and core spare parts, optimizing product structure in order to meet the needs of domestic high-end market. And establish the image of management scale, international market and qualified product so as to lead mining machinery industry to next brilliant.

Calcite processing plant

The mined calcite ores in lumps are conveyed by belt conveyer to the primary calcite jaw crusher machine (such as calcite mobile jaw crusher or calcite cone crusher) to reduce the largest lumps down to smaller particles. After primary impact crusher, the calcite products are screened by vibrating screen. Fine calcite particles of required size move to secondary mineral industrial mobile cone crusher (such as calcite impact crusher) while large particles return to jaw crusher for further crushing. The calcite screening process follows the secondary crushing for calcite separation, forming a closed circuit process. Fine calcite particles of required size will moved to stockpile for subsequent grinding process, while large particles will return to calcite crushers for further crushing.

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